How to Pivot tables together by combining 5 source files


Hi all,

Would like to ask advise from your expertise. Appreciate if you can give some advise.

I have created a Power pivot by combining 5 source files. The source file need to be update every month.

From the power pivot,
1) I use the combined data to do pivot table to enable me to filter according to the item I want.
2) Then, I use macro to open, refresh, filter the item I want, paste value (as each file must only include the item I filtered) and save it as a new file by the name of the item I want. For example, I filter the item \’ABC\’, so I save the file name as ABC.
=I have 34 items to filter and save
= save as the item name as I need it to be separate report as each item is individual.

I found that it is be time consuming to use the macro to redo the step again.

Is there any other way to make it more time saving?

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You can try to use the feature generate report filter in pivot table to generate each filtered item to a sheet and then use macro to save each sheet as a new file

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